Power usage estimation far off the mark

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To the editor,

    Boy, oh boy. Were we, the taxpayers, ever sold a bill of goods when the RECC (Rath Eastlink Community Centre) was proposed in that it would be at least a money neutral operation.

Now we are looking at three quarters of a million dollar deficit each year for the foreseeable future. That, plus the manager of the joint is looking at a more than 12 per cent raise in pay at a time when most people can possibly expect one percent or less (unless perhaps one is a nurse or a teacher or some other government employee). Talk about rose coloured glasses. It would appear, according to the chairman of the board for the RECC, that there is the chance of a snowball in that rumoured hot place that the RECC will ever even so much as break even, whereas the prospect we were fed was that the place would soon be a money-maker.

    Might I ask what genius underestimated the power usage by at least 40 per cent? Surely Efficiency Nova Scotia could have done a better job than whoever did the estimates and we are already paying for them. With all the information available now-a-days, it is hard to imagine how supposed experts in their field can be so wrong, either that or estimates are intentionally underestimated in order to get projects started so we will have no choice then but to complete them. Prime example would be our new hospital, which was estimated at $105 million and ended up costing $185 million or so.

    Hang on folks. There is still the exhibition grounds to come.


Ralph Pick,

Truro Heights

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