Senior feels ‘kicked in the teeth’ by staggering increases

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To the editor,

I am very dismayed with the approach the government is taking towards the most vulnerable members of our society.

First, it is the very cold and unforgiving approach towards the veterans and veteran benefits and services. Now, you are planning to increase the amount we pensioners pay for our medical coverage by double what we are now paying. This is shameful to say the least.

We opted into this program when we retired many years ago, because it was an excellent plan and very affordable. Now you are killing us with these policies. We retired with a signed contract stating that our premiums were a 25/75 sharing arrangement. We do not have a union to go to bat for us and the present public service unions are not at all interested in the plight of retirees.

This year we got a staggering increase to our indexed pensions of 0.9 per cent (not even one per cent) and everything around us is increasing at a rate that we just cannot afford anymore. By everything, I mean the very necessities of life – housing, power (increased by several percentage points), gasoline, food, clothing. Notice that I do not include such ‘necessary items’ as travel to exotic destinations, luxury cars or trucks, wine or spirits, etc.

In the meantime, public servants are looking for pay raises in the three to five or more percentage points; members of parliament will be looking for pay increases that surpass the 0.9 per cent we pensioners got; university professors are looking for five-plus per cent raises and they already earn over $100,000 per year. Meanwhile, those of us on pensions, and our veterans, are being kicked in the teeth by this government.

When in the hell are you Conservatives going to wake up and realize that our senior votes are going to be crucial to you in the next election?

I implore you as our representative for this riding to vote against any measure that will see an increased financial burden to those of us who are retired after serving our country in good faith.


John Harris


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Recent comments

  • We Are Mere Sheep
    February 15, 2014 - 16:17

    I retired in quotes, fifteen years ago with a supposed indexed pension and a medical benefit. Indexed pension is just a joke, take home never increases while costs around us soar uncontrolled. Pension would be fine as long as nothing ever broke and no prices never went up. The latest kick in the groin is an after the fact doubling of the amount I have to pay to get our so called free health care. Not what was agreed to when I retired but hey we can always go to the polls. Well we won't because we are basically sheep who will grumble but accept whatever injustices are heaped upon us. And if we did protest with our vote, the next band of thieves would just rob from the other pocket. I can see heat or eat in the future for more and more retired Canadians. I'll be one of them I'm sure.