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To the editor,

On Jan. 3 I attended a meeting called by Environment Minister Randy Delorey

The object of the meeting was to discuss tests done on fracking wastewater being held at a facility in Debert.

   Despite very limited notification of the meeting, a crowd of about 90 people showed up and voiced many concerns and questions for the minister. One of those questions was about this lack of public notification. There was considerable suspicion that this was a deliberate attempt to limit attendance. Fewer participants could be shown as a lack of concern.

    There was considerable discussion, generally skeptical, of Environment Nova Scotia using an American lab in Texas to perform some of the most important tests. Stating that this lab was following standards developed by the US Environmental Protection Agency further disturbed many in the audience. The US EPA is considered by many to be more of an agent for fossil fuel companies than a protector of the environment and people’s health. If the EPA has control of testing methodology they have ultimate control of test results.

   Although the minister repeatedly tried to confine the discussion to the issue of the wastewater being held in Debert, the audience continually returned to the point that we do not want any fracking to occur in Nova Scotia.

    One participant, Alex McDonald, a member of the Shubenacadie First Nations, had some very strong words for Minister Delorey. In the end he probably put the feelings of all most succinctly when he stated that, “we don’t want a solution to this problem.”  He was correctly inferring that if we can find an acceptable solution to the present problem then this will be repeatable and would open the doors to more fracking. This we definitely do not want.

   Whether in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Alberta or British Columbia, opposition to fracking is always spearheaded by First Nations groups. It appears that only the First Nations people understand the need to stop the destruction of our natural environment.

   We can survive without fossil fuels, we did it for millennia. We can’t survive without clean water. If we care about our children and grandchildren the rest of us should be joining First Nations people en masse whenever they organize another protest against fracking.


Orland Kennedy


Organizations: Shubenacadie First Nations, US EPA, US Environmental Protection Agency

Geographic location: Debert, Nova Scotia, Texas New Brunswick Alberta British Columbia

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