Politicians selling people out:Kennedy

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Federal politicians have been selling us out to powerful interests. Soon, if this trend is not stopped, the corporate sector will control all aspects of our economy. 

Knowing that we are not really paying attention to what they are doing, federal policies have been enacted that can lead only to increasing the power of corporations. Several specific actions of our current government should scare us into being more observant and questioning of their motives.

Some time ago the feds relaxed the rules on how medicare dollars are spent. This effectively allows each province to choose what services it funds. In turn, this will allow for a patchwork system to evolve rather than a pan-Canadian plan of coverage. This will make it easier for various segments of our healthcare system to be privatized. Eventually we will end up with a fully privatized system which will cost much more than our current plan.

Recently the feds introduced changes to the agricultural sector that bode ill for the security of our food system. Bill C-18 is being presented as a boon to farmers but is actually the death knell for independent farming in Canada. One of the provisions of the new legislation is being touted for “allowing farmers to save and use some of their own seed.” Only in a country with a distracted population could such a statement be used to promote a new regulation. From ages past farmers always saved seed for next year’s crop. When did they lose this right?

Bill C-18 actually establishes the rights of Monsanto and other agriseed/chemical corporations to introduce their genetically modified crops wholesale into Canadian farming. Once that is allowed it will be only a short time until they gain complete control of food production. We tend to think that food prices are high now but what should we expect when corporations are in full control?

The terms of free trade agreements provide corporations with the power to overrule regulations put in place to protect our environment and promote local and national businesses. Already the feds have paid many millions in penalties due to this corporate-friendly language. It is becoming extremely difficult for governments to function in our interest because of these arrangements.

At election time we always hear politicians promising to look out for Canadians. Once in office promises are forgotten. They work for corporate entities to the detriment of small Canadian companies and individuals.

We are being systematically sold out by those who claim to be serving our interests. This is the price we are paying for our inattention.

Orland Kennedy


Organizations: Monsanto

Geographic location: Canada

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