Canada shamed by actions in Libya

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To the editor,

Gwynne Dyer (Chaos in Libya, Truro Daily News, Nov. 25) portrays a gruesome outcome for Libyans as  a result of NATO bombing in 2011

 His account closely resembles several others that I have read. 

    While this bombing campaign was underway I attended a town hall meeting held by MP Scott Armstrong. I confronted him on this issue and stated that Canada should be ashamed to be taking part.

      Mr. Armstrong followed the government line and talked about our ‘responsibility to protect’ innocent civilians. He was quite proud of the fact that Canada was taking a leading role in the campaign.

    Although the NATO attacks lasted only a few months, the carnage continues. All NATO accomplished was the destruction of a functioning government and its replacement by a group of thugs that have shown themselves to be far worse than Colonel Gaddafi ever was. 

    Prior to our attack the people of Libya had free healthcare, free education and shared in the royalties from their oil wells. Now they have none of these. The armed thugs that we left in place frequently kill many of those same innocent civilians, yet we hear nary a word from our government about their atrocities.

     For nearly all of my six plus decades I have been proud of Canada and our role in the wider world. Our actions in Libya have left me ashamed of what we have done.

    Canada’s very good reputation, earned through many years of peacekeeping, was quickly squandered by the Harper government. We were once widely viewed as a model for the rest of the world. Will we ever be able to return to that position of high esteem we so casually abandoned?

Orland Kennedy


Organizations: NATO

Geographic location: Canada, Libya

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