Whose side is government on?

Letters to the Editor (The Truro Daily News)
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I am shocked but not surprised that the government has approved the high-risk Moose River gold mine. Just as important is that finally the minister of Natural Resources has publicly admitted to launching a worldwide campaign advertising a liquidation sale on the province's mineral wealth (Everything must go to the bare walls. Cheap.). Several questions arise.
First, does anybody remember a full public debate on the issue before this minority government arrogated to itself a mandate for unbridled exploitation?
Second, why is the government declaring war on rural Nova Scotians by swinging open the doors to mineral exploitation under our homes and properties, before the province updates the antiquated laws and environmental regulations that favour mining interests over property-owners?
Third, do you know who owns the mineral rights to your land?
Twenty years ago a gang of thugs tried to bully their way onto my land to drill test holes for gold, threatening to tunnel from the road if I didn't give them permission. I never thought that so many years later I'd have to swing my cane again to push back their successors.
Whose side is the government on?
Rev. Henry C. Burrows
Clam Harbour, N.S.

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