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Re: Harold Barkhouse (Lack of action prompts resignation, Truro Daily News, Jan. 30, Page 1).
I was disgusted to hear that nothing was going to happen to the Amherst player, Travis Turner, who shoved Mr. Barkhouse. At the very least, a suspension is in order for that player.
I have known Harold Barkhouse for a number of years, from when he umpired fastball and anyone that knows him would know that he would not have accosted that hockey player.
And for the league, to whom Harold has dedicated many, many years of faithful announcing, to not back him up when he says that he didn't accost the player is absolutely ridiculous.
Also, shame on league president Derryl Smith for not viewing the footage of the taped game or speaking to Mr. Barkhouse before making any kind of decision.
If young Mr. Turner is that quick to push a person that is not physically involved in the game, perhaps some anger management or a long suspension would give him the time he needs to slow down and review situations before acting.
Any time a player lays a hand on an official, referee, etc., it should be an automatic suspension - no questions asked!
In a game that has been known in the past to include upset parents, fighting in the stands and arguments between players, coaches, and parents, I think it is high time that someone sets an example that behaviour like Mr. Turner's is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
To Keith MacKenzie, president of the Bearcats, if you feel a suspension is warranted, push for it. Why stand back and let someone else worry about it? There is enough of that in society already.
Sue Sharpe

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  • jay
    January 18, 2010 - 09:57

    Sue you might want to check out the video to see who shoved who first.