Cant trust government over Gagetown chemical testing probe

Letters to the Editor (The Truro Daily News)
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Gagetown is not a conspiracy theory When people claim that the 9/11 or Trade Tower attacks were a product of/or directly related to U.S. military global ambitions, it is called another conspiracy theory by unpatriotic people who still believe in the bogey man under the bed.
Thousands, if not millions of people around the world poo-poo the whole idea of it with statements such as: How could a government get away with killing over 3,000 of its own citizens?
Or, how could you believe that our government would do that to innocent people?
And yet we have Gagetown, where the Canadian government not only contaminated as many as 450,000 innocent soldiers and citizens with known toxic and deadly chemicals, but has also gotten away with it for over 50 years.
Ottawa now also intends to continue getting away with it for another 50 years, expecting to put the genie back in the bottle at the low cost of $96 million dollars in the guise of Greg Thompson's compensation package, expecting the sick to hurry up and die quickly and quietly, once again in the service of their country.
The sad thing is that most of the people involved or the Gagetown victims are and were the most patriotic people in Canada. With National Defence documents, the BGAFFP reports and statements from Ottawa itself, Gagetown is not a theory but a fact.
Canadian military were working in conjunction with the U.S. military to test (soon to be used in Vietnam) war chemicals in Gagetown while the known dangers of these chemicals were unannounced to neither soldiers nor the civilian population in and around Gagetown.
Is that a conspiracy?
I guess only time and a public inquiry could answer that. Until then, can you trust a thing that comes out of Ottawa MPs' mouths?
Marilynn Kirchgessner
Nasonworth, N.B.

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