Honouring those who keep us safe

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Every time a law enforcement officer puts on his uniform or responds to a call, especially one involving a weapon, he or she has in the back of their minds that this could be the day when they face a life-threatening situation.

It’s a risk these men and women accept when the select a career in law enforcement. It’s something correctional officers face when on the job and it’s something volunteer firefighters have to be aware of when the alarm is raised.

But, you just don’t expect it to happen here. Something went seriously wrong in Moncton on Wednesday night when 24-year-old Justin Bourque allegedly targeted police officers, killing three members of the Codiac RCMP and wounding two others.

A big portion of north end Moncton was shut down and officers from across New Brunswick, as well as from Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, converged on the city to help in the manhunt to stop and apprehend Bourque before he had the opportunity to kill again.

This crisis should increase the public’s awareness of the job these men and women do every day to keep our communities safe and protect us from harm.

We often grumble when we’re given a ticket or warning by police for rolling through a stop sign, going slightly over the speed limit or generally doing something we shouldn’t be doing. Yes, it can be frustrating and we may tend to say something we may later regret, but it’s important to understand we may deserve that ticket or warning and that our police officers are simply doing their jobs.

The law enforcement community is mourning the loss of three of its members and there is little doubt that the community as a whole is going to hang its head in sorrow at this tragedy.

The best thing we can do as a community is to support our police officers in their time of mourning and do everything we can as civilians to show our compassion and appreciation for those men and women who risk their lives so we can live in peaceful, safe communities.

Geographic location: Moncton, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island Nova Scotia

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