Mother showed how much she cared in so many ways

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I walked into our church on Brunswick Street on one of the most precious days of the year, Mother’s Day.

This was an ideal time and place to celebrate Mothers, family and love. In fact, the motto this church proudly displays is “We care!”

And truthfully they do.

Our minister is amazing. I never saw a preacher like this man before in my life. He starts his sermon by placing his bible on the pulpit, and then he comes down in front of the entire congregation, without notes, and delivers his sermon. How many people have such faith, such knowledge, such memory that they could perform such a feat of love and commitment? Well, our minister is that kind of a man.

Our choir is also fantastic. There are usually about 12 to 15 in the group but when they begin they really make a joyful sound. It’s so beautiful the congregation usually bursts out with applause and appreciation.

I have a favorite hymn. I don’t hear it very often, but a while ago I received a special treat. One of the lady’s in the choir stepped out in front of all the rest and gave a beautiful rendition of “Because He Lives.” I get a great thrill every time I hear that lovely, meaningful hymn. It reminds me of my mother, the love, dedication and determination she showed as she raised her nine children. I think of Mom whenever, I hear that line “How sweet to hold a new born baby and feel the pride and joy he gives.”  Mom held nine children over the years and to each and every one of them, she vowed to love and protect them every day of her life. That’s a difficult vow to keep but my mother was a strong and loving woman.

              That special day I just couldn’t help myself as the minister spoke of family and Love. My mind flipped back to my childhood of 80 years ago. I lived in the same house as I live in today, 17 Alice Street. Many people say to me  “Herb you’re a way up in years but you never got very far.” That is the truth, but maybe love played a big part in me staying here. This homestead really gave me a reason for living. Maybe it was more the family that was living here. Our mother and father had a wonderful love for each other and for their children.

       Sitting in the church, as my mind flashed back to childhood, I started to realize how much work my mom had to do to take care of such a large family.

       Washing clothes in a big round tub, using a scrub board, then later using a hand-operated wringer to get a lot of water out of the clothes before she hung them on the line. Baking food (her bread was delicious), she also made a lot of preserves to last us through the winter. Mom repaired a lot of our clothes - using the old Singer sewing machine. This feat was often more difficult with a baby on her knee. In spite of all this work, Mom always had time to celebrate the birthday of each of her children’s birthdays. For Mother it was an incredible amount of work - all done because of love.

       Although Mom was working in the house most of the time she did get out on special occasions. My hobby was weight lifting and I did a lot of training in our back yard. One day, while Mom was baking some of her delicious date squares, she heard the clink and ringing of barbell plates hitting together. After awhile she could stand it no longer. She threw down the rolling pin and joined us boys in the back yard. She didn’t even have time to remove her apron.

       To my surprise she grabbed the barbell, lifted it to her chest, then pushed it to arm’s length over her head. She received a thunderous applause from all my buddies.

       I’d like to mention my oldest sister, Dorothy. She was the oldest child and was like a second mother to the rest of us. She has always been a loveable sister. An amazing thing about Dorothy is on May 25, 2014 she turned 100 years old.

       Our family will always remember our mother, Ida Vera Peppard. She guided us through the hardest times of our lives.

       And we knew deep down in our hearts that love was always in her heart because she cared.  

              Herb Peppard is a longtime Truro resident. His column appears regularly in the Truro Daily News.


Organizations: Truro Daily News

Geographic location: 17 Alice Street, Truro

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