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Did you ever notice that ladies used to get old early and stayed old for a long time?

Bill Martin

I recently, with great caution, put that question to a female friend and she agreed totally.


Then with even greater caution I asked why it doesn’t seem that way anymore. With great abandon my friend told me that our generation will fight it with everything we have.


The “it” to which she was referring is the act of growing old. Earlier generations got old early and stayed that way, but today’s senior generation will never get old, they just won’t let “it” happen.


To put it more visually rich, think of the earlier “little old ladies” who are often described as having blue hair, as a visual characterization of Dana Carvey’s portrayal of The Church Lady. Contrast that with today’s little old ladies who are almost universally blonde.


This is not just a matter of having better beauty aids to more easily maintain the blonde appearance. No, this is very decidedly a choice, a choice by today’s women to keep a more youthful appearance just to spite the march of time.


Of course, today’s men are typically in lockstep in the battle of the aged, though we address the outward appearance in ways other than choice of hair colour.


There is no doubt that the “Boomer” generation, like the name implies, will not go with a whimper, but with a bang.


However, when all is said and done, this generation will serve its time and surrender in the end, at roughly the same appointed time as previous generations. Neither the colour of our hair, nor the resolve of our opposition, will determine when we get old or when we expire. That part is not under our control.


Our battle is not with the feet of crows, but rather the hands of time, and that is a battle than none of us can win. Wouldn’t it make more sense to accept the reality and prepare for the inevitable, rather than fight against the tide?


That’s another trait of our generation–we are often not prepared to accept reality. Our mantra seems to be, “Don’t try to confuse me with facts, I have a better idea.”


A better idea indeed, kicking and screaming toward an end that is inevitable, ignoring the truth all the way, and ready for nothing upon arrival. That sort of sums up our new world thinking.


It has long been said that those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I am not saying that people should drop their choice of hair colouring, I’m saying that no amount of puff or polish will ultimately change the outcome of a lifetime spent.


Having said that, I would suggest the real concern, in our final days, should be spent on two fronts: 1) ensuring a life well spent, and 2) preparing for what follows. That’s right, I said prepare for that which follows this life.


Many of those who are busy covering the grey also believe this is all there is. They are so busy putting up a front, a facade to hide behind, they forget a judgement of truth still follows. Even if that is taken as a threat rather than fact, it would be worthy of some time and consideration.


What if there is more to life than this life we know? What if there is a tomorrow beyond our expectation? Wouldn’t that be cause to consider more than our chronology, our looks, or our standing in the crowd?


It is not about how you look against time, but who you are when your time has come. You might think you are ready to be seen today, but are you ready to be revealed tomorrow. If you are not sure, ask a follower of Jesus for directions.



Bill Martin is Points Leader at Points of Hope Church at the Cineplex Theatre in Millbrook. He teaches: People are not looking for a new definition of Christianity, they are looking for a demonstration

Organizations: Hope Church, Cineplex Theatre

Geographic location: Millbrook

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