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Election campaigns are rife with low blows nowadays. They probably always were.


Not surprising then, that it didn't take long before the mudslinging began in the riding of Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley.


It came in the form of a weekend 'news release' from the Liberal camp that extolled the virtues of local candidate Jim Burrows and his party while vilifying the performance of the Conservatives.


OK, that's to be expected. Some of the comments may even be true.


But Burrows also stated in the release that "I did not spend my whole life scheming to get elected."


Scheming? As in calculating or conniving? That's a little strong, isn't it?


He didn't name anyone. Apparently, the Liberal camp figured that readers could figure out whom he was referring to if only media outlets were gullible enough to print the release verbatim.


Of course, that's not going to happen at the Truro Daily News. We have no plans to print or post any political party's propaganda verbatim during the election campaign. We'll determine what is the news, thank you very much.


But we were intrigued enough to query Burrows about his "scheming" reference and he admitted he was speaking about incumbent Scott Armstrong. He also said it was "obvious" that Armstrong's focus for the past number of years was to become the Conservatives candidate and member of Parliament.


And if true, we ask, is that such a bad thing? Couldn't a case be made that many, if not all, politicians of every stripe have had a short-term or long-term plan to get themselves elected - Paul Martin, Jean Chretien, Stephen Harper and Brian Mulroney, et all, among them?


Is that scheming? Or is that setting a goal and seeing it through?


We believe there are enough issues to address in this riding that candidates don't have to resort to questioning the motives their opponents may have for seeking office.


If there is a need to criticize, then make a case based on performance and leave the personal attacks to American politicians.

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Recent comments

  • Byron
    April 05, 2011 - 12:07

    I read an article once on spousal disputes/arguments. It stated that when either one involved starts mudslinging and putting down the others family it is because they know they have lost the dispute/argument. I think the same applies to politicians. When they know they don't stand a chance of getting elected they start mudslinging at their rival opponent. They know they have already lost the battle.

  • BJ
    April 03, 2011 - 10:36

    I couldn't agree more about the person attacks. I've always believed in voting for the person, not the party and I don't think Armstrong has done a bad job, in fact the whole country's economy has never been this good in, I don't have statistics but I'm willing to bet it's been a good many years. I think that sometimes it's more of a process of elimination as much as it is voting for someone, I mean really, they can promise anything to get in there, we have a perfect example in our Provincial Government to prove that. After this display from the this Candidate, I don't believe he's the right man for the job and I'm afraid our Provincial Government (even though completely different) has ruined any chance I'd ever vote that way on any level. Whatever way you vote, it is important to go out and exercise your civil right to vote. As we all know, there are many people in this world who do not have that privilge and what we take for granted they probably can't even grasp the concept of.

  • Obeau
    March 31, 2011 - 15:23

    In reading this article I assume that should be no attack ads or mail outs ,Maybe that should be made clear . Un elected candidates do not have the resources of the Canadian taxpayer to deliver their message and so they use press releases