Truro to look into enforced penalties for feeding deer in urban locale

Harry Sullivan
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TRURO - Stop feeding the deer or be prepared to pay.

That is the message Truro council wishes to impart on town residents who are feeding the ever-increasing population of white-tailed deer within urban boundaries.

"We have too many deer in town. People are feeding," Coun. Tom Chisholm said during Monday's meeting.

And to counter that, Chisholm proposed that the town begin levying "a huge fine" against anyone who is caught feeding deer.

The town currently has a bylaw in place that prohibits the feeding of wild birds and animals, which reads as follows: "No person shall feed one or more wild animals in any place in such a manner or to such an extent that doing so causes or may cause an unreasonable interference with another person's use and enjoyment of his or her property, or of a public place."

Anyone convicted under the bylaw can be subject to a fine ranging from a minimum of $50 to a maximum of $1,000 or jail time to a maximum of 30 days in default of paying the fine.

Mayor Bill Mills agreed with Chisholm, however, that particular attention should be paid to the deer-feeding issue.

To that end, it was suggested that the town's bylaw enforcement officer be tasked with looking into areas where there is evidence that deer feeding is taking place, through the use of feeders, piles of apples or by other means.

And Mills said town staff will be asked to come up with a plan to further discourage the practice of feeding deer.

"By fall, we have to do something," he said.



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Recent comments

  • Kate
    June 11, 2014 - 10:13

    So basically what you are saying is that we cannot help another living being by helping to feed them because there are too many around? Well, when we keep cutting down their homes and running them away from grazing and feeding areas to build up more buildings, you are forcing them to take food from citizens who are willing to help feed them, or they can starve and die. Good job, Truro. Real good job. I, for one, will feed any living creature who is hungry. We are destroying their way of life to make ours "better" when in reality, we are killing ourselves as well. This is complete and utter BS.

  • Chris Ball
    June 11, 2014 - 09:48

    In my opinion, Truro Councils action stems from the attacks that have occured within the town limits by domestic dogs on deer. ( certain pet owners thinking if the deer are not in town, their dogs won't bother them ). There is also a HUGE lack of control of domestic cats in the town, who are responsible for the killing of untold numbers of wildlife. Perhaps more time and concern should be spent on controlling peoples pets than worrying about the deer in peoples back yard, after all, who was here first? The town should be promoting a need for residence to learn how to live with Wildlife, and what control methods can be used on problems such as deer feeding on peoples Hostas and shrubs, rather than the Town worrying about how people who have concern for the survival of the deer and what little they are sustaining the deer population by feeding them. Wake up and address the real issues at hand! Stop masking the real issues and address the problems.