Six-figure request made to help pay Cougar Dome construction costs

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TRURO  - Cougar Dome officials have made a request to the County of Colchester for a $100,000 contribution to help pay off remaining capital costs.

Tanya Colburne, facility director at Truro’s Cougar Dome, is hoping the County of Colchester will come through with a financial request to assist with paying off the remaining $450,000 owed for construction costs. HARRY SULLIVAN – TRURO DAILY NEWS

“Wishful thinking, but yes, that is what we have suggested, over five years,” facility director Tanya Colburne said of the request to the municipality.

“We still have ongoing requests out to private donors, corporate sponsors (and) we’ve also applied for a number of grants, etc., etc.,” she said, of the effort to raise the remaining $450,000 of the dome’s $2.2 million construction cost.

“So, certainly they are not the only ones who we are requesting potential donations from,” Colburne said.

Colchester council turned down a previous request for a capital contribution during the early stages of the project.

The Cobequid Society for Athletic Excellence, which operates the dome, has also requested $10,000 from the municipality’s Grants for Non-Profit Program. Both requests were referred to council’s ongoing budget deliberations.

If council were to approve the request for the $100,000, Colburne said it would make “a huge difference” in helping to eliminate the last of the facility’s capital debt and help officials in their quest to ensure the dome can operate entirely from its own revenues.

“So it would get us a huge step closer to being able to do that,” she said. “And we feel confident we can anyway but, obviously, the elimination of any debt is always a good way of guaranteeing that that will happen.”

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Organizations: Colchester council, Cobequid Society for Athletic Excellence

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Recent comments

  • Stephen Avrington
    March 21, 2014 - 09:04

    Not one dime of tax payer monies should be "gifted" or "donated" toward this project. And this has nothing to do with being intolerant to youth sports but it does have something to being intolerant toward the continual milking, in my humble opinion, theft of the tax payer dollars put toward non-tax payer benefit subjects. If it were a "donation" to repair our dilapidated roads that's one thing however this is simply the most basic of business decisions that have been around since the founding of this country. If you cannot afford something, do not purchase it, or expect other's - especially the non-user - to carry the financial burden. This was seen already with regards to the Truro Tennis Club as well the defunct and perpetually bankrupt Community Credit Union Center. Both should never have been built until they had the - non-tax payer based - resources to move forward. And people wonder why our country has been continually bankrupting itself for years.....

  • Bob Roberts
    March 20, 2014 - 20:30

    Are you serious? Another facility looking for money. WOW!

    • Don
      March 21, 2014 - 09:57

      This facility is in the Town of Truro, why should the County taxpayers foot the bill. Why not try some fundraising instead of asking for handouts?