Dog attack leaves owner ‘frustrated and angry’

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NUTTBY – Every minute of the past five days have been a nightmare for Edie Gorman.

Nuttby’s Edie Gorman has had a devastating week with her dog Cody. The pomeranian was attacked by another dog and suffered severe internal injuries and is lucky to be alive. Truro Veterinary Hospital doctors are optimistic Cody will recover. Monique Chiasson – Truro Daily News

A leisurely walk with her husband, Terry, and their two dogs took a horrific turn on Sunday afternoon when their three-year-old pomeranian, Cody, was attacked by another dog. According to Gorman, her 10-pound dog, as well as her shihtzu Lily, were on leashes when another dog left its property and approached them.

“The dog came and sniffed Lily and then went to Cody. It had Cody’s rear end in its mouth … he was tearing him to pieces. I was screaming and yelling, ‘help, help,’” Gorman said of the attack.

She said her husband “put his hands around the dog’s throat to try to stop” the attack but the dog, estimated by Gorman to be about 80 pounds, dragged him down as well. Gorman wasn’t sure what breed the dog was.

“After what felt like 10 minutes it finally let go,” she said, adding the owner then came out of his house, let the dog inside and went to the couple. The owner has not been identified.

“The owner didn’t say, ‘I’m sorry’ or asked how Cody was. He just said, ‘oh well my dog was attacked by a pitbull and maybe that’s why he did it,’” said Gorman.

“It should not have happened. He can’t get away with it. My little dog didn’t deserve it,” she said. “I missed two days of work because of this. I don’t sleep, I’m sick to my stomach all the time.

I’m frustrated and angry. That other dog should be taken away.”

Cody underwent surgery at the Truro Veterinary Hospital Sunday afternoon and Gorman was cautioned he may not survive.

“Most of his bowel was torn up,” Gorman said, adding her pet is still “not out of the woods.”

Cody went home on Tuesday and was on a pain patch and returned to the vet on Thursday for a checkup and to have a few drainage tubes removed.

Truro Veterinarian’s Dr. Michelle Porter told the Truro Daily News Cody’s prognosis “is very good at this point.”

“He was in critical condition when we first saw him. He had a lot of internal injuries,” said Porter.

The vet said she’s seen a lot of bad bites and it’s frustrating because they can be avoided.

“I’d encourage people to (adhere) to leash laws,” Porter said.

As for what Gorman will do next, that’s to be seen.

“I don’t know what to do yet. My first priority is my dog’s health.”

Unconfirmed reports indicate the owner of the dog that attacked Cody is expected to pay the dog’s vet bills up until yesterday. Truro Veterinary Hospital did not release the cost of the bill.

Gorman said the payment doesn’t make up for the emotional distress Cody and the family have been through.

“I was told it was the first offence so nothing is being done,” said Gorman. “We’re the ones going through this and seeing (Cody) suffer. I know it happens to others but this is my dog.”

Elsie DeBay, special constable for bylaw enforcement with the Municipality of Colchester, told this paper she couldn’t talk about specific cases. She did confirm this case was reported to her through the RCMP and that all pet owners must adhere to the county’s bylaw.

“No dog is allowed to be loose. It must be tied, fenced in, in a kennel or some other (containment). It cannot be unsupervised,” said DeBay, who specializes in animal control.

DeBay said “anything can happen anytime” and nothing can be taken for granted.

“You can trust and believe in your dog but it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

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Organizations: Truro Veterinary Hospital, Truro Daily News Cody, RCMP

Geographic location: Colchester

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Recent comments

  • Guest
    February 13, 2014 - 07:20

    My dog was attacked by a pitbull a few days ago. I honestly thought my pup (who I've known since he was a puppy) was going to die. The way he yelled and plead for the other dog will never leave my mind. Again, because the other dog was *off* leash in a public setting. Irresponsible owner. Animal services will fine people who have their dogs that are off leash attack other people's dogs. Poor Cody, had to suffer from the consequences of another owner's irresponsibility. My best wishes go to Cody and her family.

  • Bazzy1
    February 02, 2014 - 14:35

    I found this story very alarming. I feel so bad for the dog that was attacked and for the owners who saw their animal being attacked. The response by the owner of the dog who did the attack is disgusting. Your dog attacked and mutilated a dog, he was not tied, he was lose, no apology given and you want us to believe as the public that you will actually pay these huge vet bills, is a joke. The dog who attacked this little dog, has something wrong with it, take off the colored glasses , people. This is not normal animal behavior. As a dog owner, I am left wondering why this dog was so aggressive! The argument presented by the owner that it was attacked by a pit-bull previously, does not fly with me, it is just a cope out. Is this dog abused, is he used in dog fighting, because clearly he has an aggression issue . When this animal attacks a person or child what will the owner or officials say then!! Clearly based on the County bylaws, the act allows for the owner to be charged!! Do your job, bylaw enforcement and enforce the act! Failure to do this results in you sending a message to all uncaring dog owners, that they do not have to be held accountable for their dog actions! I know as a dog owner, if my dog was attacked, I would hit a dog with what ever I could find. To the owners of the poor dog, I would advice you to seek Legal advice and if action exists, to sue both the owner and the Municipality of Colchester County!

  • Jason
    January 31, 2014 - 14:04

    While this story is truly sad, I'm not sure what else this lady wants. The vet bill is paid for, it's a first offence, your dog is not dead. I suppose you could always become an American and sue for emotional distress. Yes, that's sarcasm.

    • noodle
      February 06, 2014 - 15:03

      If the story is as presented by the Pomeranian's owners, which is to say the attack was completely unprovoked, I would want this volatile and dangerous dog put down, period. Doesn't matter if it was the first or third time, the dog has proven itself a danger by the level of aggression and the fact the attack was unprovoked. The bottom line is dog owners should be free to walk their pets in a law-abiding manner without having to worry about being viciously attacked by a dog that is running at large.

  • Natalie Pierce
    January 31, 2014 - 10:04

    Omg ! I have three dogs ones a Pom I keep leashes on them ! This scares me to go for a walk :( the other dog owner for ignorant and should be responsible for any vet costs aswell as loss of income to the owner of the injured dog

  • Jennifer
    January 30, 2014 - 20:10

    Anyone who spends time on the walking trails in Victoria Park knows that the leash laws are widely disregarded by many pet owners. I have had several dogs act aggressively toward me while their owners did nothing or told me that their dogs is very friendly. Situations like the one in this article are the unfortunate result of irresponsible pet owners.