Dog survives three weeks of pain and hunger before rescue

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After three weeks of searching, crying and praying one couple is now thrilled to have their beloved dog with them again. When fireworks frightened Chopper he ran from his home and by the time he was found he was near death.

Chopper and his human family members, Hazel and Gordon Henley, are happy to be reunited. The six-year-old dog was missing for three weeks before being found in a ditch.

The six-year-old Labrador retriever – German shepherd mix, who is afraid of loud noises, took off from his Upper Musquodoboit home when a neighbour set off fireworks of November 9.

“We were in the house and we thought he was inside too so we didn’t notice him missing first,” said Hazel Henley. “We knew something was wrong when someone knocked at the door and our little dog barked but there was no sound from Chopper.

“We went out and looked for him and called, and then spent a lot of time searching the next day. I was out calling for him every day while he was missing.”

Chopper was adopted by Hazel and Gordon Henley when he was a year old and they are extremely fond of him.

“He’s a wonderful, kind dog who would never show his teeth to anyone,” said Hazel. “It was horrible when he was missing.”

 Three weeks after Chopper took off truck driver Ian Horne caught a glimpse of something in a deep ditch as he was driving. When he saw that it was a dog he stopped the mail driver to see if he knew where the animal might belong.

“Our son Mark was contacted and he went to get Chopper,” said Hazel. “Chopper was chest deep in icy water with one leg out to the side. When he looked at Mark he didn’t utter a sound. He was very weak.”

 The dog was taken to Truro Veterinary Hospital for treatment. He was weak, had a broken leg and had lost about 20 pounds. After a plasma transfusion he began to improve. He is currently on pain medication and antibiotics and is eating a special diet but he is happy to be with his family and to meet visitors.

Hazel and Gordon were thrilled to be able to take Chopper home for the weekend but the dog will be returning to the hospital for further treatment, including having his badly broke back right leg amputated.

“We’re just so happy to have him back,” added Hazel. “Having him with us again is wonderful.”

Organizations: Truro Veterinary Hospital

Geographic location: Upper Musquodoboit

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Recent comments

  • Wandy
    December 09, 2013 - 06:17

    So happy this dog was found and is on the mend

  • Kathy Downing
    December 07, 2013 - 17:48

    What a great miracle for this dog to be alive. A great Christmas present for his owners, who clearly love this animal with all their hearts!! This is what owning an animal is about, Love!! To truck driver Ian Horne who spotted this animal, you clearly are a caring human being who loves animals! Your unselfish act of caring saved this animal who was in distress, clearly in my eyes you are a Hero!!! I wish their were more people out there who would come and provide assistance to an animal in need!!!!

  • Judy
    December 07, 2013 - 13:47

    Oh,this is a beautiful story.He will be okay with one leg as our friends went through this with there doggie . The truck driver needs a hug--GRIN--