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By Sonya Thorne
Goodbye pumpkins, costumes and candy. Hello Santa, gingerbread houses and Christmas carols. 

Young Aiden Thorne is eagerly waiting for Christmas Day to arrive. In the meantime, he and his family are getting into the spirit of the holidays by decorating gingerbread houses, putting up a tree and getting ready for two holiday visitors - a baby brother and Santa. Submitted photo

When it comes to the Christmas season, ordinarily I don't put up my tree or decorations until two or three weeks before Christmas. Any earlier than that seems too early. I start my shopping in late November and finish in December. Although my Christmas cards are sent out on time, my Christmas spirit doesn't arrive until December.

Except for this year! This year, Christmas has hit the Thorne house early! As I write this column, it is the end of November and our house is full of decorations, boughs and lights. Our tree is up, decorated and even turned on. Stockings are hung by the chimney with as much care as possible with a toddler around.

Why so early this year? Well, when you are nine months pregnant in November, it seems to make sense to plan ahead. Not only for the baby but for the holiday season. I decided that it would be better to welcome Christmas into our home early instead of rushing around trying to decorate the house in between changing diapers and feedings. I wanted to feel prepared and in control.

After all, I still have a 2 1/2 year old to think about. No matter how busy I am giving birth or caring for a newborn during the holidays, Santa still has to come. Before that happens, the house needs lights, the tree needs bulbs, and of course, Santa's helper needs to shop.

Aiden is in for a world of change when this baby comes. So it is important to me to make sure Aiden's Christmas receives all the attention it deserves. Why not give him some extra time to enjoy the spirit of Christmas, just the three of us, before the real rush of Christmas (and baby) arrives?

We listen to Christmas music, read Christmas books and even made our gingerbread house. Every time he sees the lights on the Christmas tree light up, he smiles like it is the first time he has ever seen it. The look on his face would make anyone believe in magic. I am glad I am able to notice and appreciate this now, before I am distracted by a newborn and sleep deprivation.

I still think it's too early to be in the Christmas spirit, but I didn't do it for myself, I did it for Aiden. I will admit, however, that I am enjoying it just as much as he is. He is at a great age this year to be excited about Santa Claus (and is asking for a dozer by the way). I can't wait to see him on Christmas morning!

He doesn't understand the concept of time and how we have another month before the big guy arrives. He wakes every morning full of excitement and anticipation. I do too. Only I am not waiting for a jolly man in a red suit to drop off gifts. I am waiting for a much smaller person wearing only his birthday suit. The best Christmas gift ever. His name is Camryn, and he'll be here soon enough. Until then, we wait and enjoy all things Christmas.


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