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TRURO – Truro town council is standing by its decision to allow expansion to the Truro Tennis Club.

Coun. Brian Kinsman asked for a vote to reconsider an October council decision to allow an expansion of the tennis courts to allow for two  additional courts for youth tennis initiatives.

Supporting Kinsman's attempt to debate the decision was Coun. Greg MacArthur and Danny Joseph. Mayor Bill Mills and Coun. Cheryl Fritz, Tom Chisholm and Raymond Tynes voted against the motion, therefore defeating it. It required five votes of support to continue.

Kinsman suggested the original decision lacked community input, was "premature and short-sighted" in light of an upcoming master plan for the park.

Organizations: Truro town council, Truro Tennis Club.Coun

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Recent comments

  • Joanna
    December 04, 2012 - 15:57

    Is it possible to make a comment in a civil manner? How about showing some respect for others? Cyberspace is becoming incredibly ignorant and negative. Showing a little class goes a long way towards making your opinion heard. Attacking others online is getting tiring...

  • Look again Lee
    December 04, 2012 - 10:17

    Lee, were you paying attention when they said the vote was 4 -3 in favor of not reconsidering the motion. Mills, Chisholm, Tynes and Fritz voted against it. Kinsmen, Joseph, oh must have been another councilor new on council besides MacArthur who voted for it to make 3 votes as you say MacArthur voted against it. Is there another councilor you know of ? Do your home work before you write.

  • Marc Osmond
    December 03, 2012 - 19:53

    Can we please report this right. They are losing one (1) existing adult court where they are putting the two childrens courts and building two (2) adult courts in the green space. So they are not expanding with two (2) childrens courts they are expanding the adult courts and when the childrens program fails in a year or so guess what the two childrens courts will be turned back into an adult court and the green space will be gone forever. They also want an access road between the old and the new courts so they can service their light poles which Mr. Tynes put into the minutes as not being part of what they want to build. Anyone want to bet if they get their service road or not. Two of our newly appointed member of council will go down in history as too busy to review the issue so lets move on it's only Victoria Park. I expected this from the Mayor and Mr. Tynes they never admit they might be wrong. When I asked Mr. Chishom of the Tennis Club where the people of Truro can go to get some open space he replied we live on a flood plain so there is lots of room. I'm sure the people who own that land will be happy to see us down there now that the Victora Park green space is gone forever. If this was such a good idea why were they so afraid of taking a second look, a good idea would have passed again. Shame, shame, Shame on you. First time in over 50 years of living here that I'm truly ashamed of my town and most of those who govern it.

  • Lee
    December 03, 2012 - 15:14

    "Kinsman suggested the original decision lacked community input, was "premature and short-sighted" in light of an upcoming master plan for the park." Is an understatement, this is shameful. When 98% of the residents around the tennis court do not want this, and sign a petition saying so then the town should listen to them. Cutting up our park to satisfy a private club, what a shame... btw un-named reporter only Kinsman and Joseph voted in favour, not MacArthur he voted against it. If he had not waffled this may have gone through with a different outcome. Shame on you Truro, cutting up our park.

    • Jim Power
      December 04, 2012 - 09:38

      The solution to everyone's problems are simple. Firstly, since I believe government monies are being used for the project, one of the two new courts should be designated as "free public use," meaning any non-member can use that court for free. An exception would be made only for predesignated tournaments, or when the court is not being used by non-members. When schools are built, because they use public money, gyms have to be made available to the public. Same concept here. The new courts would no longer be strictly "private" and would enhance everyone's objective of a more physically active society, and would be more inclusive of the entire community. This would also be good for the Truro Tennis Club in the sense that non-members who play will develop a love of the game and decide to become full-fledged members, possibly bringing family and friends The public court, in that way, could actually be seen as a recruiting strategy. It must be added that the "private" club is semantically deceptive: people may think "private" in the sense of "exclusive"; however, anyone can become a member at the Truro Tennis Club. The Truro Tennis Club, possibly the oldest club in Canada, is not Augusta National. By almost any standard, membership at the Truro Tennis Club is one of the most inexpensive memberships anywhere in sport. Secondly, a buffer row of evergreen trees could be planted to enhance the privacy of adjacent residents, reduce noise, add to the aesthetic value, and create a healthier environment. Thirdly: one of the largest concerns is the continual reduction of open space in Victoria Park. Rather than reduce Victoria Park, the park should be expanded. The town owns land around the reservoir, the water treatment plant and the old dump. Though the dump would be off-limits, the park could easily be expanded to double its size. Parking could be established at the top of Wood Street and the top of Young. With any expansion, there would have to be an absolute understanding, legally established, that there could be no structural development of any kind in the area. This new area could certainly add anywhere from 100-1000 acres. The new area would be a perfect location for BMX and cross country skiing trails, hiking, orienteering, etc. It would not be domesticated like the lower section and retain more of a wild, wilderness feel. So there you have it: 1.) New courts; 2.) Inclusion of the general public; 3.) Enhanced privacy for the local residents; 4.) Not a reduction of the park, but an expansion; 5.) Pressure off the original area and use of the new section. -Jim Power