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Greenfield resident upset about amount of garbage being left on side of roads

Greenfield resident Colin Hamilton couldn't believe his eyes when he came across this pile of garbage just thrown along the side of Union #2 Road close to the golf course. Hamilton can't understand people leaving garbage such as this, especially when collectors will take it from the end of a resident's road or driveway. See story on page 3. Raissa Tetanish - Truro Daily News

GREENFIELD - Illegal dumping on dirt roads in Greenfield is causing a sore spot for at least one local resident.

Colin Hamilton is baffled as to why it's even happening.

"Why would anyone take the time to illegally dump it when the garbage collectors would pick it up?" Hamilton asked, who has noticed an illegal dumping spot just off the Greenfield Road. "It just makes no sense to me."

Back in the spring, Hamilton and his wife noticed garbage alongside the Union 2, which turns just off just as the Greenfield Road turns into Lilyvale Road, while walking their dog.

"There was everything from toilets to car parts," he said in regards to a spot on the road between Lilyvale and MacKenzie roads.

"My wife used to clean up alongside the road, but it got to be too much. When the dumping became closer to home, I was concerned it would become a major dump."

Hamilton said he saw some people cleaning garbage on the side of the road and stopped to ask them about it. They gave him a number to call for clean up, so he did.

"I had no idea they would even do that, and they were quick too."

But shortly after the garbage was cleaned up, more garbage returned - some in the same spot, and some closer to the Lilyvale Road.

"My wife found this one and I'm sure it wasn't here why they cleaned up the original garbage," said Hamilton about the couch and chair that were tossed into a small brook. "Why do you benefit by dumping this if it can be picked up at the end of your lane?" he said. "And to do it in a brook, no less. How does that benefit you?"

Several feet from the couch and chair in the brook, Hamilton pointed out more garbage mixed in with the trees.

"There's even a deer carcass, with hooves," Hamilton said. "Or deer felt."

While talking to Hamilton, a truck made its way along the dirt road and Hamilton, who lives less than half a mile away, said he wanted to check in the back of the truck in case it was someone coming to dump anything.

Instead, it was Brandon McCabe.

"It's about time," he said of word getting out about the garbage. "It's an eyesore. There's more up by the golf course and that was put there while clean up was going on."

Taking a drive up past the golf course, Hamilton stopped and got out of his vehicle.

"This is unreal," he said looking at a pile of strewn garbage that included two televisions, a couch, mattress, clothing, and other things.

"I didn't know this was here. Wow."

Hamilton said he found three garbage bags on a previous occasion and was able to find a piece of paper with a name and address. When he contacted the person named, they said someone must have played a prank on them.

"But within an hour, he was out and cleaned it all up. I wonder if I should do that again."

Walking in closer to the garbage, Hamilton found a bank card amongst the junk, with a name clearly visible.

"I'm going to try and contact him. He may have entrusted it to someone, you never know."

Geographic location: Greenfield Road, Lilyvale Road

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Recent comments

  • Matlock
    November 20, 2012 - 19:26

    I agree with Jeff, if your gonna unload, have some balls and dump your stuff off at the Town Hall, County or Village Office...really, have some balls, it is a protest for what it is...wealth discrimination...... it will be well worth the ticket and publicity will....with no legal repercussions...really, there won't.....Everyone, STOP dumping on your neighbour.......STOP IT.... it will only make everyone mad at you when your caught...EVERYONE....then you are in for some big legal trouble plus some name tags you will never shake...ever! Make your dumping protest count. Don't be a coward. Trust me. Ben

  • Ann
    November 20, 2012 - 07:29

    Unfortunately this is happening everywhere in Colchester County. I was against the clear bag policy for this reason. The numbers for garbage at the dump are way down but I'm sure it's way up in the countryside! I know it is where I live as well. When I commented on this site that I was against the clear bag policy when it was announced, someone suggested it was because I don't sort and recycle. That is not true for me as I do sort and separate garbage and recyclables,but sadly some people are just to darn lazy. So guess where that stuff ends up? In the county, that's where. Not in town on Truro's street but out in the woods, on back roads, and on private woodlots. We are sick of having to clean up everyone's garbage. This has always been a problem but is more so know since the clear bag policy started. I expect it will get worse as well. No one wants an old couch sitting in their yard waiting for spring or fall clean up. I have actually set old buckets out with my garbage and they didn't take them but they will at clean up time. So what do you do with garbage they won't take, you throw it in the woods. Problem solved and tonnage is down at the landfill!

  • Jeff Johnston
    Jeff Johnston
    November 19, 2012 - 14:30

    That's exactly what your going to get when you don't pick up people's garbage . People should dump their garbage at town hall in protest of the garbage policy . Do some people even have a clue where their recycled goods go ? I don't enjoy buying some of the putrid recycled rubber products in the stores . They cut the plastics and rubbers into little pieces , then use a bunch of toxic chemicals to bind it all together . The fumes stink and are unhealthy . Recycled electronics get shipped to India so 12 year olds can walk through sharp metals in their bare feet and use a bunch of acids and chemicals to mine the recycled electronics for certain metals . And of course the recycled tires that were burnt out by Shortt's Lake . Of course real recycling gets attacked , like John Ross's scrap metal yard . Or plastic bags , which are a recycled product . Plastic bags are made from ethane , a by-product of natural gas . Then they get recycled a second time when used as a garbage bag . But some people want to ban them , because of a fake photoshoot of a turtle chewing on a piece of plastic . There are no dead turtles from plastic bags . But some people will believe anything . Like Al Gore telling them that Carbon Dioxide is a deadly poison , and we have to give up all our freedoms and as Nancy Polosi said "Everything you do will be up for an audit " . Recycling is a total racket . Just bury your garbage in the ground where it belongs . If you must just compost . Or recycle your aluminum cans , because there is a market for them anyway without government programs . Oh and then back in the 80's it was the scare about the ozone layer and how freon gas from refrigerators and air conditioners were breaking up the sky . The truth is that there was never an issue with the "ozone layer" , the patents that the coolant industry had on freon coolants had expired so they wanted to keep their market share with newer , less efficient coolants that they had new patents for . Also modern coal plants are completely fine and provide cheaper electricity . But they are being shut down everywhere because natural gas has a more powerful lobby , and wants to shut down their competition . It is also more expensive . This is just like the cotton empires shutting down industrial hemp , which is 4 times stronger for making clothes . People living in sin are full of shame and guilt . They can relieve themselves of this by repenting and turning from sin , being born again and following Jesus . Some people don't want to give up their sin , so they seek other ways of validating themselves . Worship the creator , not the creation .

    • andrew singer
      November 19, 2012 - 17:55

      Sorting recyclables and compost and other items isn't difficult. Neither is putting those sorted items at the curb on the correct collection day. I hope that the Municipality of Colchester County works with NS Dept of Environment to put some hidden cameras at these illegal dumping sites to record license plates and then charge these violators. And they should also be doing what Mr. Hamilton has done - search for names and identifying documents, etc. in the garbage. A few stiff fines will make the violators realize the error of their ways. We, the majority of this society, impose rules and expect them to be followed and enforced. No exceptions.

    • Me
      November 19, 2012 - 20:30

      Didn't you ... say the exact same thing in another article a while back?

    • Pardon?
      November 20, 2012 - 04:35

      Seriously Jeff?

  • Joanna
    November 19, 2012 - 13:48

    In my opinion, separating your garbage is not that difficult. As far as the clear bags, I don't care what you put at the end of your driveway. I have better things to do than stare at your garbage.

  • route weary
    November 19, 2012 - 12:01

    It is ridiculous. Has anyone seen the huge pile of garbage just above the corn maze?? and the mattress next door to it? It has been there for 2 months and not a garbageman in sight. If i were that homeowner, i would turf it over a bank. Same with the electronics... if we have to pay a tax on this stuff when we buy it, we shouldnt have to take a taxi to get it to the bottle exchange. It wouldnt kill ya to have a truck go around and pick them up, i mean come on, we all told you all these restrictions wouldnt work so dont play surprised!!!! Tell your boys on the route to use some common sense... if you can see through it, dont put a sticker on it because it has a green tinge to it.. stuff like that really grinds our gears!!!!!!

  • Kevin
    November 19, 2012 - 11:43

    Paying a small fortune outside of regular pickup including fall and spring which have weight, size and amount limitations is a part of the problem. Why can’t tax payers bring things to the dump outside of spring and fall cleanup without being charged? I could see some amount of caution that someone or some company may take advantage of this. Possibly allow six free trips per year to the dump for residents, which most feel they have more than paid for such privilege through high municipal taxes. On top of that when going to the dump which I do occasionally for roofing or other waste creating projects it’s like crossing the US border. Wait to pull up then asked a series of questions about what you have, where you live and other details with concern towards what charges can be extracted rather than is there something of relevance in the waste. Then back around in line again with ticket in hand to make payment. I like probably many have considered shingling over old shingles because of the additional cost and bother of getting rid of the old shingles. Like most things dumping has become unnecessarily too complicated and of course going hand and hand with that is costly. Certainly not condoning illegal dumping but can see some people just fed up or feeling overtaxed in general.

  • chief wiggam
    November 19, 2012 - 08:48

    how's that one black bag policey working for ya now??? and colin try giving back to your community and pick it up yourself!!

  • Elizabeth Hamilton
    November 19, 2012 - 08:34

    If the people can drive out to greenfield they can drive to subway bottle exchange and unload tvs e.c.t. As for furniture take it to kemptown. Or wait until spring and fall cleanup.The garbage dumped by the golf course was dumped during clean up week. No excuse at all! Two cleanup times a year! Maybe people should think about what they are doing to the planet when they dump their garbage..

  • Elizabeth Hamiltom
    November 19, 2012 - 08:19

    Does anyone know someone who got rid of a brown love seat and chair or a blue coach and two TVs ?Maybe we can catch the people who are dumping.

  • misty
    November 19, 2012 - 07:27

    everywhere you go,,the woods roads are full of dumps,,,because of the one black bag limit every two weeks,,,and the see thro clear bags,,,,Burnside bypass and dickie lake road have their share of dumps,,branch roads off them too.., we were thro the CAMDEN road a couple weeks ago, what a mess,pigsty...

  • libbybit
    November 19, 2012 - 07:26

    How disgusting!!!! What kind of people do this? I guess the kind that would kill a deer for the sake of killing.

  • s
    November 19, 2012 - 07:25

    This is an ongoing problem which is wrong on so many levels, but the sad reality is it's not going to get any better as long as restrictions keep getting put on our garbage removal. I have seen a lot of people put out stuff for clean up and it has been left behind because they will no longer take it. Especially when it was taken the year before and the list seems to be dwindling each season that passes. I'm not condoning this behaviour at all but it could be a reason for all this illegal dumping. Maybe people figure that's why they pay taxes and when it's not picked up that means if they take it to the landfill they will be charged again for it. Just a thought!

  • joe
    November 19, 2012 - 06:35

    If you live in an apartment building and heavy garbage is only picked up twice a year, thats if it is the appropriate size, you have to pay by the weight. Let's see, save that fee to pay for use of our new community centre. Now you see what they decided.

  • Charles
    November 19, 2012 - 05:03

    Colin, I understand your frustration, Dumping in my area (a little closer to truro still greenfield though) Has increased 10 fold since the county has tightened it's grip on waste management. Some of the things I see in this photo have to be held until fall/spring cleanup. a lot of people simply do not have the luxury of storing these items for months at a time to have a curb side pickup. I have had a long time problem with garbage collection and now I burn everything I can and limit myself to 1 non clear bag of garbage every 2 weeks. It's a very expensive no way to opt out collection service. I would suggest you don't "waste" your time going to the county office. They will treat you like your 5 years old if you complain about collection. Their predetermined aditude seems to be smile and nod. but don't admit your wrong. LOL Good luck in your efforts