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25 random questions for travellers of all skill levels

1. Which country made it easier for its citizens to visit Canada in 2010?

A. Uzbekistan.

B. China

C. Sri Lanka

2. Which natural occurring event wreaked havoc for air travellers around the world in April?

A. Mudslides in Guatemala

B. Fires burning in the Black Forest

C. Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano

3. What emergency provision was airlifted to Carnival Splendor’s cruise passengers after they were stranded at sea for two days due to an engine room fire?

A. Spam

B. Mosquito nets

C. Rice cakes and Red Bull

4. The Girl from Ipanema was a hit bossa nova song in 1965. Where is Ipanema?

A. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

B. Buenos Aires, Argentina

C. San Jose, Costa Rica

5. Which three destinations are featured in Julia Roberts’ most recent movie, Eat Pray Love?

A. Baltimore, Israel, Peru

B. Italy, India, Bali

C. France, India, Bora Bora

6. The controversy in the United States over aggressive pat-downs at airport security spawned a viral You Tube video of one traveller who became incensed by the frisking. What did he famously say?

A. "Don’t touch my junk."

B. "That feels good. A little to the right, please"

C. "Would you do this to your mother?"

7. Which two national parks in North America celebrated their 125th anniversary in 2010?

A. Point Pelee and Georgian Bay Islands

B. Bruce Peninsula and Great Smoky Mountains

C. Prince Edward Island and Banff

8. Which billionaire is behind the space tourism program set to launch in 2011?

A. Sir Richard Branson

B. John Glenn

C. Buzz Aldrin

9. If Spider-Man wanted to scale the tallest building in the world, which one would he choose?

A. World Financial Centre, Shanghai, China

B. Taipei, 101, Taipei, Taiwan

C. Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

10. According to Forbes magazine, which hotel boasts the most expensive room in the world?

A. The Atlantis Bridge Suite in the Bahamas

B. President Wilson Hotel, Imperial Suite, Geneva, Italy

C. Martinez Hotel in Cannes, France

11. How many years is an adult Canadian passport valid for?

A. 2 years

B. 10 years

C. 5 years

12. Which city is thought to be the oldest in the world?

A. Damascus

B. Rome

C. Shanghai

13. Which country is home to the world’s longest railway?

A. Australia’s Indian Pacific Railway

B. Russia’s Trans Siberian Express

C. India’s Shatabdi Express

14. Which Canadian province has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites?

A. Newfoundland

B. Alberta

C. Ontario

15. The Airbus A380 is the largest commercial aircraft. Which airline made the first order of this big bird?

A. Emirates Airlines

B. Air Canada

C. Qantas

16. What are Canada’s top three busiest airports based on passenger traffic?

A. Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal

B. Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto

C. Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary

17. What has been the world’s busiest airport based on passenger traffic since 2000?

A. Frankfurt Airport

B. O’Hare Airport, Chicago

C. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

18. If you were on a cycling tour through the Barossa Valley vineyards, what country would you be in?

A. Italy

B. Australia

C. France

19. In what city is the movie Lost in Translation (Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson) set in?

A. Paris

B. Tokyo

C. Taipei

20. If you were aboard a felucca sailing on the world’s longest river, what body of water would you be on?

A. Amazon River

B. Yangtze River

C. The Nile

21. Where will you find the dormant volcano Haleakala?

A. Osaka, Japan

B. Maui

C. Fiji

22. What popular international tourist destination is the remainder of the Incan Empire?

A. Machu Picchu, Peru

B. Havana, Cuba

C. Chichen Itza, Mexico

23. Where did Prince William pop the question to Kate Middleton?

A. Buckingham Palace, London

B. While on holiday in Kenya

C. While on holiday in the Maldives

24. A statue of a musical icon stands in a park in Old Havana, Cuba. Who is it?

A. John Lennon

B. Michael Jackson

C. Joni Mitchell

25. Which city will host the 2014 Winter Olympics?

A. Rotorua, New Zealand

B. Sochi, Russia

C. Vilnius, Lithuania


1. B; 2 C; 3 A; 4 A; 5 B; 6 A; 7 C; 8 A; 9 C; 10 A (at $25,000 a night);


11 C; 12 A (thought to date back to 8,000 BC); 13 B (Trans Siberian Express at 9,729 kilometres) 14 B (Alberta has five of Canada’s 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites). 15 A; 16A; 17C; 18B; 19B; 20C; 21 B; 22 A; 23 B; 24 A; 25 B.

Organizations: UNESCO, A. World Financial Centre, Forbes magazine A. The Atlantis Bridge Suite Qantas The Nile Incan Empire

Geographic location: Canada, India, France Taipei Sri Lanka GuatemalaB Iceland Shanghai Buenos Aires San Jose Costa Rica Israel Italy United States North America Great Smoky Yellowstone Banff Vancouver Calgary Dubai Geneva Cannes Havana Russia Ontario Toronto O’Hare Airport Barossa Valley Fiji Mexico KenyaC Maldives Cuba Alberta

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