Local MLA optimistic good news lies ahead for new facility

Harry Sullivan
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TRURO - A "happy" solution to the funding woes of the new Truro area hospital is in the making, a local MLA said yesterday.
"I feel optimistic that we will be able to have some good news soon," Truro Bible Hill MLA Lenore Zann said late Thursday afternoon, shortly after meeting with Health Minister Maureen MacDonald on the issue.
"I just spoke to her two hours ago and she told me that she thinks that it is an important project and she is working on trying to get a solution for it. So, I'm telling you, I think that we are going to have some good news but we have to wait and see what the cabinet says and what Maureen comes up with."
Zann would not comment on whether she believes that solution will or should include additional municipal funding.
The hospital project is in a funding shortfall of approximately $25 million because of mechanical and electrical tenders that came in higher than had been budgeted for.
That has pushed the project from an estimated cost of $155 million to about $180 million, a factor that recently prompted the health minister to inquire about the potential for additional community contributions, beyond the $26 million raised to date.
Zann said work is being done behind the scenes to deal with the funding issue and she suggested people be patient until a decision has been made, instead of "jumping to conclusions" about the end result.
"I think it will be wonderful if the province can help us so that we don't have to go back to the municipalities but I'm waiting to see what the final answer is. I feel pretty positive about it. I feel pretty positive that things are going to work out in our favour. But I am going to wait to see what she says to us, probably in the next couple of weeks," Zann said.
"I feel very positive that my government believes in the hospital, believes in our community, believes in me, and that they are doing everything they can to come up with a solution that will make everybody happy."


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Recent comments

  • flogger
    March 01, 2010 - 14:40

    Heck Ler from TO, we elected a pseudo-celebrity as an MLA and we are getting exactly what they elected in the US, a 'rock star', a celebrity with lots of lofty ideas, no substance, and no answers. Get used to it, and I can just imagine what the books will look like for NS in 4 years when these tree-huggers are booted out of office.

  • Heck Ler
    March 01, 2010 - 14:39

    A happy solution, I feel optimistic , she thinks that, I think that, have to wait and see , I think it will be wonderful, Im waiting to see, I feel pretty positive, but I am going to wait to see, I feel very positive ........seems to be a happy wonderful issue with lots of feeling, thinking , waiting and seeing ......

    Also, Health Minister Maureen MacDonald thinks that it is an important project and she is working on trying to get a solution for it......hope she is working on getting a solution rather than working on trying to get a solution .

  • Are You Kidding Me
    March 01, 2010 - 14:39

    Truro Taxpayer from Nova Scotia - Is your comment for real? Let's see the facts before you post remarks like this. If the government is going to help why not take it. Scrap the Civic Centre and a new Library for a performing arts school??? There's a great idea, I am sure it would benefit the town/county greatly! As for you comment about becoming wasters of the province, if you don't have anything intelligent to write don't bother!

  • dave
    March 01, 2010 - 14:39

    why should anyone be happy that this thing is so far over budget? one way or another it is going to cost the taxpayer a bunch more money - with absolutely no accountability.

  • beth
    March 01, 2010 - 14:39

    OMG Lenore, can't be reached for comment, Zann is still in the area? I thought she'd left for parts unknown.

  • Truro Taxpayer
    March 01, 2010 - 14:39

    I hear lots of people in Truro scrutinize any tax dollars that go anywhere else in the province.
    There is no other place in the province that receives more tax dollars. Have we all become complacent. Do we really need government help for everything??? I think we should scrap the civic centre and new library. The performing arts school is a good idea but can be done at the NSCC or local high school at night. We are becoming the wasters of the province....