World Ocean Week comes to Great Village

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GREAT VILLAGE – Eight-year-old Ali Hakim explained global warming to his classmates during a presentation at his school for World Ocean Week.

“It’s like when Hurricane Sandy came and the water was cool and it warmed up so fast,” he said.

Classmates raised their hands and contributed many nuggets of wisdom during a classroom presentation for World Ocean Week. The half-hour presentation, delivered by Lauren Dolan and Desiree Stockermans of Ocean Sonics, included a video, a discussion about threats to the world’s oceans and a demonstration of the product the company is known for – their hydrophones.

Hydrophones are special underwater microphones that monitor ocean sounds such as wildlife and ocean traffic. Ocean traffic is a major cause of underwater noise pollution, which negatively impacts ocean life.

“Noise in the ocean confuses wildlife,” Dolan explained to the grade three and four class.

“Loud noises can startle animals and other noise pollution can cause wildlife to end up on shore or in parts of the ocean they don’t belong.”

Alice Fraser, acting principal of Great Village Elementary School, thinks the visit was good for the students.

“They (Ocean Sonics) asked if we’d be interested in a classroom presentation and I said, ‘sure’ because we have lots of sciencey students,” she said.

“And it really ties in well with what the kids are expected to do – be more aware of the environment.”

Dolan and Stockermans ended their presentation by talking about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is a patch of garbage that extends from California all the way to Japan.

Students listened with attention as she explained what happens to sea turtles in the garbage patch.

“A turtle’s favourite food is jellyfish,” she said.

“And he’ll see a plastic bag floating in the water and thinks, ‘oh, my favourite! A jellyfish!’ and then his belly will fill with plastic and eventually he will die.”


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