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The berm at the Holy Well Park in Bible Hill is undergoing improvements to help lessen the threats of flooding. Monique Chiasson - Truro Daily News

BIBLE HILL - Dana Malally is thrilled something is being done to alleviate flooding in his neighbourhood.

"This is great news," said the Riverside Avenue resident on Wednesday afternoon, in response to work on the berm at the Holy Well Park in Bible Hill.

A crew from the village's TR Petroleum Ltd. was on site elevating the parking lot. Additional work includes raising the existing berm that runs from the CN Rail line behind Car Pro Auto Service Centre on Main Street to the fence near the opening of the park. The berm is about 200 feet in length.

The $30,000 project will take about three days to complete. It is being cost-shared between the Village of Bible Hill and the County of Colchester and will see the parking lot and berm raised by about four feet in an attempt to create a water retention area in the park.

"Our biggest problem in this area is when the Holy Well Park floods we flood," said Malally, whose property has been surrounded by water during recent floods. He's also had washed-out driveways and water in his basement.

"The past two storms maybe open up (the government's) eyes ... it's good they are starting to do something to keep us dry."

Rob MacLennan, an engineering consultant for the County of Colchester who also worked on the original Holy Well Park berm that dates back to the late 1980s, was at the site yesterday overseeing the work.

"It's nice to see updates and improvements," said MacLennan as another strip of the parking lot was prepared.

Colchester County Coun. Christine Blair, who represents Bible Hill, said the work should "boost the morale" of the 70 residents and businesses between the Subway and the bridge joining Truro and Bible Hill by the Salmon River.

"People in this area have suffered a lot of personal loss and storms are getting worse and more frequent and we're told by experts to expect more extreme (weather conditions) in the future," said Blair.

"This work will help flooding in this area. If a storm is extreme it may not hold the water back but will in smaller floods and spring storms."



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  • Mike
    November 08, 2012 - 10:55

    Sue sue sue,, you think that will solve the problem?? Ohh and nice name "TAX PAYER". We are all "tax payers". Your Hindus !!!

      November 08, 2012 - 20:22

      MIKE....My TAX PAYER monniker is a lot more impressive and legendary here at TDN than say.... MIKE...... and its not my name that matters, its my message which is always bang on, sooooo.... yes.....sue, sue, sue will stop the problem, it will, all the way to the top of the watershed. Right to the top! As to your hindus, I am not an Indian, you must be, your hindus.....TAX

    November 08, 2012 - 08:06

    Hey great, MORE water coming over the dykes in Truro....if i were Mayor Bill and Town Council, or the Schoolboard, i would not only sue the County of Colchester but now the Village of Bible Hill too....if that doesn't happen, if i was a resident of north truro, i would sue Mayor Bill and Town Council...i would....