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#1. Harold Butt

My father is amazing. He is a loving father, grandfather, son and husband. He has a sense of humor like no other. He will do anything for his family even if it means going without himself.
Submitted by: Robin A. Butt

#2. Ashley Brown

Ashley Brown and his twins Maxwell Brown and Mariah Brown
Submitted by: Nicole Patruno

#3. Gary Giddens

My dad and I!
Gary Giddens & Taylor Giddens


#4. Russell Thimot

Russell Thimot and Céline Thimot

#5. Kevin Archibald

Marissa Archibald and her father Kevin Archibald.

#6. Glenn Pugsley

I am submitting a picture of my younger brother Glenn Pugsley and his four girls, Madyson, Olivia, Payton & Charlee Pugsley. My brother is an amazing dad that is 110% focus on the best upbringing of his family.


#7. Morgan Elliott

Dad to twins, Charlie Knox & Piper Dia
Truro, Nova Scotia
Submitted by Becky Lavers

#8. Joey Mullen

Darrius Mullen and his father Joey Mullen.

#9. Adam Searle

This picture was taken on the beach at our cottage - our favourite place to spend family time together. Jeslyn is definitely Daddy's Little Girl. I love the love in her eyes! :)


#10. Jason Rafuse

Daddy and his 2 girls

#11. Michael Cooke

Taylor Cooke (18yrs) and Sophie Cooke (6yrs) with their father Michael Cooke.

#12. Assad Libbus

Assad Libbus, with his great grandson Deegan.


#13. John McEwing

John McEwing with his kids Isabel and Will

#14. Scott Jeffrey

Paige and her Dad, Scott Jeffrey.

#15. Robert Watson

Here are 'Fishing Buddies' Robert and Cayden Watson.


#16. Kris Phillips

Kris and son Lucas at the beach in Jamaica on vacation.