Q. What is a trurodailynews.com Unlimited online subscription?

A. Choosing an online subscription to trurodailynews.com provides you with unlimited access to the trurodailynews.com website from any computer or web enabled device.


Q. How do I start an online subscription to trurodaily.com?

A. Subscribing is quick and easy. Just follow the links on the website.


Q. I get home delivery of the newspaper. Do I get access?

A. Yes. Access to the website is already included in your subscription fees but you still must follow the subscribe links to set up your username and password.


Q. What if I don't want to subscribe - can I still read trurodaily.com for free?

A. As a non-subscriber to trurodaily.com you can enjoy a limited time offer of up to 8 free articles every 30 days on trurodaily.com. Once you have reached your limit of free articles, you have the option to select a trurodaily.com online subscription which gives you unlimited access to our content anytime, anywhere - or come back the next month for another set of free articles. Some of our online content will not count toward your monthly limit.


Q. How are trurodaily.com online subscriptions billed?

A. You can pay for your subscription using any major credit card. Trurodaily.com online subscriptions are billed every 30 days. Your subscription will be renewed automatically and you will be charged in advance of each billing cycle.


Q. Can I get access on my smartphone or tablet? What devices are supported?

A. Our trurodaily.com website is mobile optimized and can be read easily from any web-enabled mobile device or smartphone.


Q. What is the cancellation and refund policy?

A. You can cancel your subscription to trurodaily.com at any time. When you cancel, we will stop charging your account the following billing cycle. Each billing cycle is four weeks in length, so your unlimited access will continue for the remainder of the current four-week billing period. Afterward, you will continue to be able to view the prescribed number of free articles a month on trurodaily.com.


Q. Can I get a subscription to trurodaily.com only? Or do I need a print subscription?

A. You can purchase a trurodaily.com online subscription without being a subscriber to the print edition of the newspaper.


Q. What is the difference between a subscription to trurodaily.com and the digital edition of the newspaper?

A. An online subscription to trurodaily.com provides you with unlimited access to stories, videos, photo galleries and more - news and features that are updated daily from your town, the province and the world - available from any web-enabled device. 
The digital edition of the newspaper is a page-by-page replica of the day's printed newspaper - including all stories, sections, photos and ads - in PDF form and provides the in-depth coverage and features found in our daily printed edition newspaper. The digital edition also translates into other languages, allows you to magnify for easier reading and share articles with friends.