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North River Notebook, By Julie Johnstone

Local 4-H club hands out seeds to help educate community on role of pollinators

Truro North River 4-H club has been busy helping out in the community.

On May 25, members and their families canvased throughout Bible Hill on behalf of the Diabetes Association. In only two hours they raised $1,200.

In April, 4-H Canada launched a countrywide ‘Proud to Bee a 4-H’er’ campaign in partnership with the Operation Pollinator program.

Operation Pollinator is a Syngenta Canada program, which aims to promote the health and well being of bees and other pollinators.

This initiative was launched to encourage 4-H members to plant and grow pollinator-friendly gardens at home and in their communities, and also to educate young people about the important roles bees and other pollinators play in nature.

Every 4-H member received two seed packets containing seeds for a variety of flowers, known to attract bees and other pollinators. Each club member was asked to plant one package of seeds at home and to use the other to beautify their community. 

Members of the Truro North River 4-H club attending North River Elementary decided to pool their seeds to plant a large pollinator garden at their school.

On May 30 club members and their families worked together to plant their seed packages in a large garden plot in front of the school. Thirteen children participated in the project along with several 4-H parents who volunteered to help out.

4-H parents Elaine and Ryan Grant donated the soil. The Grants, along with their two children, Alexis and Shannon, also prepared the garden bed ahead of time so it would be ready for the 4-H children to plant.

“Hopefully this teaches the children we can all do something to make a difference. We all have a role to play,” said 4-H parent Ruth Anne O’Brien-Fisher. “It’s good for them to be aware of the reduced population of pollinators and to know they can do something about it.”

The children were very excited about planting the seeds at school and are eager to see the results of their work.

Truro North River’s 4-H club will continue to stay busy as summer approaches.

Julie Johnstone is a married mother of two school-aged children, fiddle and step dance teacher and a community volunteer. She lives in North River. If you have any community news to report, send it to her at


Organizations: Diabetes Association, Syngenta Canada

Geographic location: North River, Bible Hill

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  • Enviro Patrol
    June 18, 2014 - 17:44

    from the company website --- "Syngenta is recognized for innovation and leadership in both the corn and soybean market and was the first to launch Bt corn BT corn is TRANSGENETIC biotechnology GMO seeds...they have inoplanted genetic DNA into the natural plant so that the NOVEL plant now has a "bacteria gene" combined with the plant genetics...THIS MEANS that now all summer long all the plant leaves and parts emit a known "pesticide"....and this is part of the problem pollinators now must survivie has been shown bacteria can enter the digestive tracts of those who eat these plants...bacteria mutates easily and can mutate by taking a genetci codes from surrounding bacteria...animal digestive tracts are a "balance of bacteria"....good and bad...that is why the doctors now tell you it is a bacteria that can eat away at your stomach lining to cause ulcers....they can give you a pill...the pill kills all bacteria good and bad....where as taking probiotics will replenish the good bacteria and wipe out the imbalance of bad bacteria and still cure the the cause not the ask yourself..what if the BT bacteria from Syngenta will mutate with the bad ulcer causing bacteria....will it eat away at your stomach lining...does it eat away at the bees (research says it is a symptom bees encounter....NOTE the famous Monsanto also uses transgenic biotechnology...but they BOUGHT the global research leader BEELOGIC company and now they report the pollinator problem is thoughts are both are an issue...shame on Syngenta for exploiting the North River $H to foll people to plant what can harm the bees.....BEE sure to plant only natural seed as we kn ow it and our planet survival is threatened by these NOVEL TRAIT seeds invented by man.... GOD is the creator of life, not man!!...this is a story that needs told .