Who-oo is coming to visit the Owls?

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Nana Land, by Diana O’Connell

An original children’s story

Diana O’Connell

Editor’s Note: Calling all young artists

The Colchester Weekly News invites children to read Nana Land stories and get creative. We would like you to show us how you imagine the characters would look. Submissions will be published on our Website at www.trurodailycom. So grab your crayons, finger paints, markers or coloured pencils and get creative. Submissions can be emailed to sherry.martell@tc.tc, dropped off at 6 Louise St., Truro; or mailed to Colchester Weekly News, P.O. Box 220, Truro, N.S., B2N 5C3.




The Owl family was excited. Too-whit-too-woo! My, oh my, there was such a-twitter and a to-do. Daddy Owl puffed up with pride. Mamma Owl’s eyes sparkled with joy. Sworn to secrecy, young Oscar Owl squirmed with delight. Mamma and Daddy called their parents. 

“What?” twittered Mamma’s parents.

“Who?” hooted Daddy’s parents.

“Yes, it’s true,” whoo-ed Mamma.

“Yes, it’s true,” whoo-ed Daddy.

“Oh my dear,” twittered the whole owl family. “Can it be? Is it true?”

The fluttering and the whoo-ing caused all the forest creatures to look up into the huge maple tree where the owls lived.

“What’s the ruckus,” called up Grumpy Bear, who was woken too early from his sleep.

“Oh my dear,” the owls hooted back, “we’re having company, very special company.”

Now, as you might guess, this was not just regular, every day company from their forest friends. No sir, this was going to be very special company indeed. For the next minute, you could hear a pine-needle drop. The forest folk thought the news over. Yes, this would be very special company indeed and everyone wanted to meet the owl family’s special company. Who would it be? How long would they stay? Should there be a party? My, oh my, there was so much to consider.

Well, there was no more sleep to be had now, so everyone got up and came to the big tree to find out more. There was such a hubbub of whoo-ing, growling, twittering, chirping, barking, yowling, howling, grunting and huffing. No one could hear what the other was saying. 

Finally, Grumpy Bear stood up on his hind legs and roared for order. Now, when Grumpy stood at his very tallest and roared at his very loudest, folks paid attention. Everyone quieted down and turned to old Grumpy.

“Now, look-ee here,” grumbled Grumpy. “Mamma and Daddy Owl have big news and we all want to hear about it.”

Yes, this was going to be big news, indeed.

“Well-l-l-l,” said Mamma Owl, “it’s a surprise. You’ll see soon enough.”

Again, the forest became a din of whoo-ing, growling, twittering, chirping, barking, yowling, howling, grunting and huffing. The anticipation was too much for the giant anthill in the nearby field, and so a committee of 17 ants spilled out of the top of the anthill, formed a long, straight line and then they marched straight over to the big maple tree. Those 17 determined ants marched up the side of the big tree, right up to the large, dark, round hole that was the entrance to the owl family’s home.

“This waiting will make us antsier than ever,” they said all together. “When will you tell us? Who will it be?”

Daddy Owl fluffed his feathers until he was as big and as round and as fluffy as, well, I don’t know what, and then he fluffed his feathers some more and stared down at his astonished neighbours with his big, round golden eyes.

Then, Daddy Owl blew out a long, “Who-o-o-o-o, indeed!!”

(Come back to Nana Land soon and find out “Who”).

Diana O’Connell is a communications tutor at NSCC, a first-time grandmother, and a child at heart).  She can be reached at ocmac@eastlink.ca.

Organizations: Colchester Weekly News

Geographic location: Nana Land, Truro

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