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Jason Malloy
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Construction of multi-million dollar water park at power centre to begin this year

Making a splash

MILLBROOK - Construction of a 100-room hotel with an attached, year-round water park will start this year and open in 2012, says Millbrook Chief Lawrence Paul.
The band is expected to make a formal announcement later this week but a program announced Wednesday ties employment opportunities to the new multi-million dollar facility.
"It's going to go," Paul told reporters after the employment program announcement.
"After we get the water park up here and the 100-room hotel, I think it will entice other business to locate up here."
Paul said it is working with Splash, an American company, who is building four such facilities in Canada, including the one in Millbrook. The band is working with Pacrim Hospitality, which is a management company for a number of major hotel chains, to make the park a reality.
Work is underway to the south of the Convergys call centre to prepare the site for
"It's going to help the economy, it's going to create more jobs for the non-Indian and for the native people," Paul said. "Everything we do, it has a spinoff for the Town of Truro and Colchester County."
The band has other irons in the fire for the Truro Power Centre. Saltscapes, which produces an Atlantic Canadian magazine, is looking at opening a restaurant in the building that formerly housed the Bear and Bull restaurant and was initially built for Mugsy McCeol's and the Keltic microbrewy.
Band officials are also looking at adding a major American retail sport chain to the park.
Paul said the recession had an impact on the centre's progress, as some companies didn't want to start another business or relocate during the downturn in the economy.
"Now that's clearing up, we have more fish on the line that we're talking to," he said.

Organizations: Convergys, Truro Power Centre, Keltic

Geographic location: MILLBROOK, Canada, Truro Colchester County

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Recent comments

  • honkaw
    March 01, 2010 - 14:40

    Now if they would only let the Power Centre handle the Civic Centre even with the huge cost overruns they can get the extra funds to cover it. Hey Consumer don't forget Home Depot

  • country
    March 01, 2010 - 14:40

    Why do I get the feeling that even though this is a new topic in the paper,that comments about the hospital and civic center will sneak there way into this....

  • Vangie
    March 01, 2010 - 14:40

    As a parent who would prefer a 15 minute drive to summer fun than an hour or two, I say, GREAT! I am so glad this is going to go! In reading comments though, I don't understand how a water park will have an effect on a call center though? Someone from the Super 8 posting that I could understand. I guess I just didn't get the connection....

  • practical
    March 01, 2010 - 14:40

    This announcement wouldn't have anything to do with Millbrook's upcoming election, would it now? *sigh* Politicians, they're all the same.

  • Sambo
    March 01, 2010 - 14:40

    It is my simple and humble opinion
    that a Value Village would do very well
    at the power Centre. Also, if there will be two hotels on the property, why not a
    Nova Scotia Lobster Supper operation,
    similar to the New Glasgow Lobster Suppers in PEI?

    (Sigh) Why can't the visionary Lawrence Paul be Chief of Truro and Colchester too?

  • Reg
    March 01, 2010 - 14:40

    Chief Paul for Mayor!!!

  • Rebecca
    March 01, 2010 - 14:40

    This sounds like a great development for the Power Centre and the Truro area. If it's done well, I'm sure it will generate an excellent return on investment. Bravo to the community leaders of Millbrook!

  • chief wiggam
    March 01, 2010 - 14:40

    chief paul for mayor!

  • diane
    March 01, 2010 - 14:39

    as an employee of convergys im a little concerned for our jobs with the new water park as they are right in our parking lot.i certainly hope this doesnt mean anything regarding our center but time will tell i guess water park would be a good thing though

  • figures
    March 01, 2010 - 14:39

    Oh my, here we go again! Do any of you bitter citizens realize just how much you are subsidized by government funding as well? No matter how successful any First Nation person, group or community does, it is the same old crying song. Wah Wah they get everything for free. No, they don't. In this case, we are looking at an up and coming community, growing and expanding their economic base. What has the town of Truro or the County of Colchester done without government funding??? Government subsidizes everything in Colchester County. No one cried foul when the government announced funding for the civic center??

  • Gecko Girl
    March 01, 2010 - 14:39

    practical cynic from Timberlea you have hit the nail right on the proverbial head!
    You won today's prize!

  • Consumer
    March 01, 2010 - 14:39

    There are two things that should be brought to the power centre. Futureshop and Princess Auto.

  • flogger
    March 01, 2010 - 14:39

    The Power Centre has made more progress in the past 10 years than the Town of Truro has made in the past 75 years. But, how much government funding has made the Power Centre feasible?? There are two sides to every story ...

  • Ruby
    March 01, 2010 - 14:39

    I think this is great.Local people will not have to drive to NB to visit a Water park.

  • why
    March 01, 2010 - 14:39

    country girl: why would you think that? This is private enterprise, nothing to do with the other two that are built with public money.

  • Sam
    March 01, 2010 - 14:39

    Congrat's to Chief Paul and the MFN. These folks really have it together and have worked hard to get to where they are. True - the government helped them financially but they've done well with what they were provided. Aside from the economics of such deals, working with MFN appears to be MUCH easier than working with the Town of Truro or Colchester County.

    Given what I've seen in the last couple of years I believe we can expect to see more and more business building in the Power Centre and not in Truro or Colchester County. So much for growing the commerical tax base in the County.

  • Gilliad
    March 01, 2010 - 14:39

    Flogger, you are absolutely right. There has been a lot of government funding go into the Power Centre, and the results to date seem to prove that those funds were put to good use.
    However, to be fair, have you ever considered how much government funding has gone into almost everything the Town of Truro and every other community does. For example, do you really believe the proposed civic centre would be built - and I hope it isn't, at least not right now - with only donations from the community?
    We have become so used to stepping up to the trough for every project we ever consider that I doubt we could accomplish half the things we do without money from the public purse.
    Having said that, whether we pay for it directly from our wallets or through the public purse - in other words, our taxes - we can still take credit for it. And that's good!

  • Stewie
    March 01, 2010 - 14:39

    i would think it is relatively easy to entice businesses to set up shop at the power center......must be some nice tax breaks there. And i agree with the curious timing of this annoucnement