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Sydney's Civil Air Search and Rescue deemed operation ready

SYDNEY — Volunteer members of the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association were put through a series of mock search and rescue exercises on Saturday originating from J.A. Douglas McCurdy airport.

Members of the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association were evaluated for operational readiness. Kneeling, Joe MacDonald, standing, left to right, Jerome Murrin, Fred Sampson, CASARA Sydney zone commander Bruce Coady, Stephen Rolls, Tim Morrissey, Gerry Langille, Reg MacEachen, Olivier Beyer, Roger Cormier.

Canadian Forces personnel from 413 Squadron, based in Greenwood, evaluated CASARA Sydney’s operational readiness. An aircrew, as well as a ground-homing team, were dispatched to locate targets set out by the military and were graded on their performance. Both air and ground teams were 100 per cent successful in locating their respective targets. As a result, CASARA Sydney has maintained its operational status and will continue to support the military and other agencies in search and rescue operations.

The volunteer members of CASARA Sydney is on standby to assist whenever called upon.

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