Buildings future could be decided at public meeting

Monique Chiasson
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Buildings future could be decided at public meeting

TRURO - The fate of a controversial building in downtown Truro could be decided at a public meeting Thursday night.
Property owner Calder Creelman wants permission from the town to have 29 Victoria St. demolished.
"It's uninsurable and uninhabitable and therefore a liability," Creelman told the Truro Daily News Monday.
He said the building is too expensive to renovate and is uninhabitable with a mud floor and leaking stone foundation.
Colin MacNeill lives two houses away and believes the house could be repaired.
"It's an old house ... all of them are in
this area ... but the town has not condemned it," added MacNeill, confirming he has not been inside 29 Victoria St., which is currently unoccupied.
MacNeill said demolishing the
building could motivate him to leave the neighbourhood.
"I would consider leaving," said MacNeill. "There's a sense of heritage in this area ... it's one of the last few that has not been broken into rental units."
Creelman said 29 Victoria St. "is not a designated municipal heritage building ... it is a house in a heritage district."
MacNeill is also concerned if the
building was demolished it would potentially pave the way for Creelman to build an
apartment building.
"We don't need a multiple unit dwelling here ... we need to preserve the single-family dwelling units."
Hilary Baird also lives a few houses away from 29 Victoria St.
She is also concerned an apartment building could be built to replace the current building. "Cars don't stop at the stop signs on this street ... it would be worse if there was
an apartment because there would be more traffic."
Creelman told this paper Monday
since town council voted 4-2 against his proposal to build a two-storey, 10-unit building at 22 Duke St. and 29 Victoria St. last month, he has "no other plans" for erecting a building in that site.
Neighbour Art Steen, who lives across the street from the house in question, is in favour of demolition.
"I'm all for it ... I've been (inside) that house and it's not worth saving. When it's not fit why would they want to keep it?"
Steen also said he would be in favour of a future apartment building to replace the current house.
"... the one-unit dwellings are becoming a thing of the past."
Shirley Teasdale is the owner of a rental property at 38 Victoria St. She believes demolition of 29 Victoria St. is the best plan.
"If a building is not meeting any need it should be dealt with," she said, adding if it were gone, "it would give a better and proper entrance" to the recently built apartment building at 22 Duke St, which is in behind 29 Victoria St. Creelman is also the owner of that property.
Teasdale added when buildings "are deteriorating or not meeting any needs," as she believes is the case with 29 Victoria St., then demolition is a natural option.
Truro town council will debate the demolition request during the public hearing Thursday at 6:30 p.m.
If a decision is not reached Thursday one should be forthcoming during a town meeting June 15.

Organizations: Truro Daily News, Duke St, Truro town council

Geographic location: Victoria, TRURO

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Recent comments

  • flogger
    January 18, 2010 - 10:18

    Hey, why not let the Town of Truro take it over? I'm sure they could find a couple of million dollars to spend on it for restoration, instead of spending the dollars on street repair so urgently needed. Duh ....

  • Eastend Boy
    January 18, 2010 - 10:06

    Jeff Flemming I don't know anyone that would want to live in a HOSE !!! As you state. The fate of this old house should be nobodys business but the home owner. Period !!!

  • Steve
    January 18, 2010 - 09:50

    I have a hose for sale, 160k...
    Seriously, it is up to th eowner to do what he pleases...He pays the bills.

  • person
    January 18, 2010 - 09:49

    As a former Victoria Street resident who grew up on that street... Aren't there a bunch of other EYESORES on that street that are in dire need of attention, this property doesn't look even half as bad as some of the other ones on Victoria Street.

  • jeff
    January 18, 2010 - 09:41

    Agreed. Its so easy to say just tear it down and put somthing else up. Just what truro needs, more housing that the avarage person can afford. I think most of us would love to have a hose to live in. In fact i know people that would love nothing more to restore a home like that to live in if it ment they could afford to have a home instead of throwing $700+ a month out the window on most of the excuses we call appartments. Its very frustrating for most of us to get our foot in the door to even have a chance at a house in todays markets / econmy. All in all, restore it, or hell for that matter if its so much to deal with, why not donate it to somthing like co-op housing, take the tax write off, and give a young family a chance at a dream.

  • Sarah
    January 18, 2010 - 09:39

    If this building is as bad as Mr. Creelman claims it is, why not let the opponents such as Mr. MacNeill inside to see for themselves and offer to sell it to them so they can do the restorations?