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I recently wrote a column about how my life would be easier if I had a third eye on the back of my head. My 2 year old son, Aiden, is into everything! I worry that something will happen when I am not looking. Well things happen when I am looking too so maybe the third eye wouldn't be that much use to me.


Things happen so fast, right before your eyes! Aiden took a tumble down the stairs at 14 months. One minute he was in the living room and the next he was at the bottom of the stairs. If I hadn't seen (and heard) it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed ithappened. I swear this child is magic.


That's how toddlers work- fast. Just a few days ago, Aiden and I walked into the bathroom to get him ready for his bath. I hadn't even turned on the water or started gathering his things when he Aiden leaned over the side of the tub, legs dangling in the air. I was standing next to him, and as fast as it took me to put my arm on his body to try to stop him, he had already fallen face first into the empty tub. He didn't even cry. I guess he's used to hitting his head because I swear every time I turn around he is knocking it off one thing or another.


You can try your best to baby proof your house. But you can't remove your fridge doors or bathtubs. Even if you were able to keep your eyes on your toddler at all times, things still happen. Those toddlers are quick I tell you, especially when they get together! You never know what will happen.


I have learned to be prepared for anything. Now I just have to learn to be even faster than he is so I can always stay one step ahead.

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