Showing is not as easy as it seems

Monique Chiasson
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BIBLE HILL - Nicole Whooten knew she was going to face a challenge in front of her judge this week.
The 11-year-old from Onslow Mountain is a member of TNR (Truro North River) 4-H Club. She has been competing in various 4-H categories at the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition this week.
"Judges are harder at the exhibition because they know some of us may go to the Pro Show later this year," said Whooten, who was showing her rabbit Rose in showmanship and confirmation classes.
"I need to practise more for exhibition week and do it over and over if it's not right. You have to show the rabbit you are in control and that takes practise and if you don't practice for a while it won't co-operate ... I think it forgets a little," said Whooten. "And showing is not as easy as it seems.
"You have to look at the judge the whole time so he knows you're paying attention and not looking at others to see how to do it."
Whooten must have impressed the judges this week because she will be heading to the Pro Show in Bridgewater after winning an overall champion confirmation show Tuesday. "For confirmation the judge looks at the rabbit - its teeth, nails, fur condition, ears, body shape, if it's clean, that sort of thing," she said.
Whooten said part of her success is having more confidence in herself and taking initiative.
"It's hard because more people are watching at the exhibition and the judges are really picky," she said.
"People don't understand how much there is to it. When I first joined the club I had no clue how to show. I just thought you sat there and the judge looked at the rabbit but I know now I have to be fierce and show the rabbit and the judge who's boss."
Although many 4-H competitions did not fill the stands at the MacMillan Show Centre this week, the events have been getting a fair amount of attention.
"For the first day there seemed to be more people than normal," said Lower Onslow's Sandra Ferguson.
"There seems to be more 4-H and (arts and crafts) exhibits this year and that's what exhibition time used to be all about ... people came for that and I think it's getting back to that a little more."

Organizations: 4-H Club, Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition

Geographic location: Onslow Mountain, Bridgewater

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